Choosing a Diamond & the 4C’s

The very word “diamond” comes from the Greek “adamas” meaning unconquerable, suggesting the eternity of love. Nothing else compares to a diamond. Only a diamond, with its dazzling brilliance, beauty and rich tradition, symbolizes eternal love. So what better way to express your love, than with this circle of fire and light.



The quality of the cut determines the diamonds brilliance. Of the 4C’s, this is the one element most directly influenced by man. It is the skill of the cutter that unlocks the natural beauty of a diamond, revealing all its hidden fire and brilliance. The more accurately a diamond is cut, the more it will sparkle.



Most Gem quality diamonds seen alone appear white. But most have a hint of color, mainly yellow. Diamonds with no trace of color at all are very rare, but also rare, are diamonds with a strong pure color. These are called fancies, and are extremely valuable.



Nature being what it is, most diamonds have tiny marks known as inclusions. The number, size and position of these will determine a diamond’s clarity. The fewer and smaller the inclusions are, the more brilliantly a diamond will sparkle.



A diamond’s weight is the simplest of its characteristics to measure and from the earliest of times, it was used to calculate the value of a diamond. Diamond weight is measured in carats with each carat divided into 100 points.


All our diamond are certified and come with their respective certificates from the most respected diamond graders from across the globe including




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