Off The Bench

As the years tick by, trends change. People change, tastes change, attitudes change including styles and designs.  New becomes old and old becomes new again. 


“More for less” is somewhat embedded into our daily lives these days.  We seem to be wanting a lot more, although not wanting to pay any more for it. Unfortunately, this has driven trades, services,  retail, wholesale, and even manufacturing into cutting costs on all raw prices, thinking that this will satisfy the eventual client.

This does not work!


It will only deliver a product that is not going to stand the test of time. The uneducated, do not know any better and the educated need to practice more responsibility in quality control than they currently do. This is general across all manufacturing sectors, although when it comes to jewellery, we believe that it is crucial to provide quality at a fair price and guide the client to spend what they can afford to without skimping on quality.


Jewellery has, and always will play a special part of people’s lives. The majority of pieces made around the globe, are bought by people to mark a lifetime occasion or event. They want to obviously get value for money for their purchase, although one thing that will always remain the same is people’s desire and hunger for quality. No matter what it is that we want, quality seems to always remain  a “must have”. 


Here at Timeless Gold Jewellery, we pride ourselves on providing our client with all the information required on purchasing jewellery, and why quality needs to be the main factor in the piece.


Specialising in Diamond ring-making, we also make beautiful earings, neckpieces and bracelets.  Colored precious Gemstone jewellery, along with men’s jewellery is also a large part of our repertoire.


Remake’s of rings, neckpieces, earings etc, using your old jewellery is also a service we pride ourselves on. Remaking antique, deco rings is a service Frank has been doing well over 20years. Other services which include resizing, polishing, Rhodium and Gold plating along with gemstone setting are all done in house.  We use the finest materials, metals, and gemstones to create unique jewellery that will stand the test of time.


Having a state of the art workshop located on site provides us the abilty to be able to generally fullfil any order quite quickly. All work is done in house, and we give a definite start and completion date with all work commissioned.

Our modern studio showroom houses a vast array of our designs and collection of rings, pendants, crucifix’s, earings, loose diamonds, and colored gemstones, so feel free to contact us to make a time to come in and view what we have to offer.

Stay tuned and pop in every now and then to off the bench, as we will be posting up special offers, news, upcoming events, press releases and a vast array of up to date information with all that’s new at Timeless Gold Jewellery.


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